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Insurance company "Belgosstrakh"
Insurance company "Belgosstrakh"

Insurance company "Belgosstrakh"

Services in "Belgosstrakh"

Belgosstrakh is the largest insurance organization in Belarus. Today she is the leader in the insurance market, which is due to the high-quality work of employees and the provision of favorable conditions for clients.

The mission of the company is to protect the interests of clients using high-quality and affordable insurance services.

Companies are trusted by small businesses and large holdings, and services are available for every citizen of Belarus. The company works with both individuals and legal entities, providing customers with more than 100 options for insurance services for 86 types of voluntary and compulsory insurance.

Services for individuals

Belgosstrakh offers insurance services for you and your family.

1. Bicycle insurance. Comprehensive insurance covers loss of a bike, accident protection and liability for damage caused by cyclists.

2. Real estate insurance. For the convenience of insurance, Belgosstrakh offers a special service - comprehensive apartment insurance, which includes apartment, property and civil liability insurance.

3. Insurance of portable devices. An insured event will allow you to compensate for damage in case of unforeseen circumstances.

4. Animal insurance. The insurance includes the protection of pedigree and farm animals, as well as the owner's liability insurance.

5. Transport insurance. A detailed list of programs and car insurance cases is presented on the official website of Belgosstrakh.

6. Health insurance. Comprehensive programs provide insurance services for tourists, women (reproductive insurance), borrowers, etc.

All details can be found on the official website of Belgosstrakh in the section "services for individuals".

Services for legal entities

Belgosstrakh company offers insurance services for legal entities.

1. Reinsurance. Today, insurance services are mostly used by hydro and thermal power plants, large shopping centers, hotel complexes, as a result of which the mechanism of outgoing and incoming reinsurance is becoming increasingly important.

2. Property and products. The service includes insurance of losses due to a forced interruption in production, insurance of intellectual property, etc.

3. Personnel. The service includes insurance of medical expenses, insurance against accidents and diseases, etc.

4. Transport. The service includes insurance of ground vehicles, voluntary insurance of cargo and aircraft, etc.

5. Civil liability. The service includes professional and civil liability insurance, etc.

Contact information about Belgosstrakh

You can contact and discuss cooperation with the company by phone +375 17 269-16-92.