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Insurance company "Belneftestrah"
Insurance company "Belneftestrah"

Insurance company "Belneftestrah"

Services in "Belneftestrakh"

Throughout its history, Belneftestrakh has expanded its scope of activities from an industry level to an international scale. Today the company's clients can count on support and insurance coverage in the Republic of Belarus and abroad.

The company's offices are located throughout the country, and there are already more than 550 specialists from Belneftestrakh. Each of them works to protect the interests of the client and is a great professional in the field of insurance.

The company provides customers with high-quality and affordable services, meeting customer expectations and remaining a stable leader in the insurance market.

Services for individuals

Insurance programs for individuals offer full protection and a guarantee of payments against a large number of risks. The company does not call for fear of getting into an accident but guarantees full support in case of problems. Signing a contract will save your assets in case of accidents.

1. Property insurance. The service includes insurance of liability to neighbors, insurance of household property, etc.

2. Health insurance. The service includes voluntary insurance against tick bites, accidents, etc.

3. Transport insurance. The program allows you to avoid financial losses in the event of an accident and damage to your car.

4. Travel insurance. The insurance program will help you avoid unforeseen expenses that may arise during your trip.

Services for legal entities

Any work activity is accompanied by various risks, shortcomings and external circumstances. If a company loses tangible assets, it can lead to long-term financial instability. Insurance programs for legal entities will protect health and property from a large number of risks.

Belneftestrakh has implemented several programs for your business that will help you prepare an airbag in any unforeseen situations.

1. Cargo transportation. Insurance is activated in cases of damage, theft and non-delivery of goods.

2. Employees. Employee insurance will lead to the prospect of long-term cooperation, which means it will affect the motivation and successful work of specialists.

3. Transport. The company offers a full range of services to protect an enterprise from financial losses in the event of loss or damage to vehicles.

Contact information about Belneftestrakh

If you want to ask a question of interest or calculate the cost of insurance, contact a specialist by calling the info line +375 (17) 2-900-400. The manager will always advise the insurance program and advise you if necessary.