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Services in "Insurance VIP"

VIP insurance is an insurance company that offers services for the selection of CASCO car insurance and your car in the leading insurance companies of Belarus. The company invites you not to waste time looking for a suitable program but to pick it up as soon as possible.

To use the selection, you just need to contact a specialist or make an application on the official website of the company.

Services for individuals

1. Compulsory health insurance.

Every foreign citizen is required to have a health insurance policy. This decree obliges foreigners to use insurance programs, regardless of their desires.

2. Medical expenses insurance.

The program is available for citizens of the Republic of Belarus or foreigners with a residence permit. The insurance period is 1 year.

3. Green card.

Car insurance in case the owner leaves the country.

4. Apartment insurance.

Often, only owners of large areas use the service, but the program will be relevant for every resident of the Republic of Belarus, because losing property is unpleasant for everyone, regardless of social status.

5. Health insurance.

With the epidemiological situation in the world, we cannot be sure of the quality and cost of medical care, so the health insurance program is becoming more and more popular in Belarus.

6. Auto insurance.

The program implies the existence of an insurance contract, according to which the insurance company reimburses all costs associated with the restoration of the vehicle after an accident, fire, natural disaster, etc.

7. Pet insurance.

An animal, like any person, can unexpectedly experience an accident or illness. Therefore, we advise you to protect your pet and take advantage of the insurance program.

8. Civil liability insurance.

The company offers not only to protect your car but also to insure the health and life of the driver and passengers during the trip in the insured car.

For more information on insurance programs for individuals, please visit the VIP Insurance official website.

Services for legal entities

Insurance VIP company offers insurance services for legal entities.

1. Warehouse insurance.

Over the past year, all large companies have felt unstable, so we offer to protect your business by using the warehouse insurance service.

2. Insurance of medical expenses and risks.

Employee health insurance is a strong motivation for the best performance of your valuable workforce, as well as an indicator of your attitude towards employees.

3. Production insurance.

Industrial insurance is one of the most important and popular types of insurance for businessmen around the world. While some financial risks and losses can be avoided, no one is insured against accidents, accidents, thefts or fires.

4. Insurance of organizations.

Advance insurance of organizations can save a company from large financial losses.

For more information on insurance programs for legal entities, please visit the VIP Insurance official website.

Contact information about VIP Insurance

If you want to ask a question of interest or calculate the cost of insurance, contact a specialist by calling the info line +375 (29) 756-66-66. The manager will always advise the insurance program and advise you if necessary.