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General information about EPAM

EPAM is an international IT company known in the Belarusian information technology market for over 20 years. EPAM develops software for any project. The specialists have extensive experience in designing - from online stores to VR games for clients.

Today the team employs more than 30,000 specialists. Each of them is a professional in their field, at the same time they know how to work in a team and learn from the experience of their colleagues. All employees independently make decisions about the future project, and solve those tasks that are subject to him.

EPAM is interested in motivating employees, because this is the key to the success of the company:

• Continuous learning. Experts independently develop trainings and intensives for their colleagues, thereby sharing their experience and raising the company's status.

• Technical specialists have the opportunity to develop in any direction: technical expert, solution architect, project, resource or delivery manager.

• Clear requirements. Each employee has a scheme of passage to the next step of the career ladder. To do this, he needs to familiarize himself with the company's requirements.

• Large geography of the company. EPAM is an international organization, therefore, upon agreement with the management, you can always change your place of residence without changing your job. They will help you find positions on projects in different cities and countries, make a visa and help with relocation.

• Transfer of experience. EPAM works with various foreign organizations, whose specialists will help you learn from their experience and get to know people of other cultures.

As an international organization, EPAM employees care not only about the company's success in the information technology market, but also about the world around it. Development of education, environmental protection, social programs - all this and much more is in the focus of attention of specialists. More details about the programs can be found on the official website.

By going to the official website, you can find out details about the work of the company, training at EPAM, career path and contacts of the organization.

EPAM services

The company provides its clients with a wide range of services:

• Product and software development;

• Test automation and quality control;

• Technological solutions;

• Infrastructure development and licensing and much more.

Check with the operators or on the official website of the company for all detailed information.

Major projects of EPAM company

EPAM company faces daily problems of its customers that need to be resolved in a timely manner, the extreme of them were:

• Sberbank project - actions to prevent critical business errors;

• Management of IT development in a remote work environment;

• VTB Capital - machine learning to classify calls to technical support, etc.

EPAM contact information

You can discuss cooperation with EPAM by calling +375 17 389-01-00, or by filling out the feedback form on the company's official website.

The head office of the company is located at Minsk, st. Academician Kuprevich, 1-1-110.