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Baranovichy State University
Baranovichy State University

Baranovichy State University

History of BarSU

The history of the university began in 2004, when a state university was opened in Baranovichi. The university developed quite quickly, so it immediately entered into a cooperation agreement with Moscow State University.

In the same year, it was decided to start printing the student newspaper "My University". It told about the life of the university, its best employees and students, upcoming events, etc.

A year later, the university began active work towards the development of international cooperation, therefore, the conference “COMMONWEALTH OF SCIENCES. BARANOVICHI - 2005 ".

In 2005, the volleyball team "Atlant-BarSU" was assigned to BarSU. A year later, the female component of the club took the title of champion of the Republic of Belarus.

The infrastructure of the university did not stand still. Dormitories and an educational and laboratory complex were gradually built.

In 2008, foreign applicants began to be invited to the university.

In 2011, the university joined the consortium under the international Tempus program.

The teaching staff of the university consisted of highly qualified personnel, therefore, within the walls of the university, students were taught who could compete with anyone. Thus, in 2014, Alexandra Molokanova, a student at BarSU, became the winner of the Republican competition "Student of the Year". The next year, Roman Shukhno, a student of the Faculty of Engineering, became the winner of the Belarus Leader of the Year competition.

In 2019, a board of honor was opened at the university, where the achievements and names of the best representatives of BarSU are presented.

Today the university is an educational institution that thousands of Belarusian applicants dream of entering. Here is the opportunity to study at the 1st, 2nd and 3rd stage of higher education. Numerous laboratories and workshops have been created, which allow students to unleash their potential. Students can participate both in the scientific and in the public life of the university, because sports sections, creative circles, civil-patriotic and cultural-educational events are open for them. Each student is allowed to realize himself.

Faculties of BarSU

University students study at the following faculties:

•Faculty of Engineering;

• Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology;

• Faculty of Slavic and Germanic languages;

• Faculty of Economics and Law.

Admission to BarSU

Applicants who plan to enter BarSU are required to prepare the following documents:

• Application by sample;

•The passport;

• Documents about education with an application;

• certificates of CT held in the Republic of Belarus in the year of admission / previous year;

• Medical certificate;

• Six photographs measuring 3 × 4 cm;

• Documents on benefits;

• Envelopes in duplicate.

Education for foreign students at BarSU

As soon as a foreign applicant arrives in the country, he must have the following documents with him:

• Application by sample;

•The passport;

• Documents about education with an application;

• certificates of CT held in the Republic of Belarus in the year of admission / previous year;

• Medical certificate of health status + medical certificate of absence of HIV infection and vaccination card;

• Eight photographs measuring 3 × 4 cm;

• Documents on benefits;

• Medical insurance;

• A document confirming the completion of the faculty of pre-university training.

Master's degree at BarSU

The university accepts students for the 2nd stage of higher education. Training takes place in full-time and part-time training.

The master's degree is provided in the following specialties:

• Theory and methodology of teaching and education;

• Information technology in mechanical engineering.

Postgraduate studies at BarSU

The postgraduate study of BarSU invites specialists with a penchant for scientific research. At the end of this stage, the specialist receives the qualification "Researcher". Training takes place in full-time, part-time, as well as in the form of competition.

Postgraduate studies provide an educational program in the specialty - technology and equipment of mechanical and physical-technical processing.