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Minsk Innovation University
Minsk Innovation University

Minsk Innovation University

History of MIU

Minsk Innovation University began its history during the period of 'perestroika'. Then the countries needed highly qualified specialists who would be able to make the right decisions for the formation and strengthening of the economic, scientific and technological development of the Republic of Belarus. The educational process still includes the use of the scientific potential of teachers, material resources, the educational base of the university. The success and high status of the university allows it to attract creative and talented applicants to its walls.

Every year the university tries to prepare new teaching material and improve the educational process and its relationship with research activities. More and more emphasis is being placed on the participation of students in the research life of the university.

MIU systematically holds international scientific and practical conferences, as well as introduces new faculties, monitoring their relevance in the labor market. With the opening of new departments and faculties, a tremendous amount of work is being done to create and effectively implement new disciplines and adjust the curriculum. Today, modern applied software products are widely used in the educational process.

The curriculum always includes subjects in information technology and foreign languages ​​for each student. Computer labs and classrooms are equipped with the latest technology in order for students to achieve the best results by obtaining information on the Internet and watching programs in foreign languages. Foreign subjects are taught in language laboratories with audio-video and computer technology and satellite TV.

The MIU closely monitors the effectiveness of cooperation in the field of education and science with republican and foreign universities.

Faculties of MIU

At MIU, students are taught at the following faculties:

•Department of Economics;

• Communications and law.

Admission to MIU

After successfully passing the centralized testing, the applicant is obliged to bring the following documents to the selection committee:

• application addressed to the rector according to the template;

• document on education with an attachment;

• Central testing certificates;

• medical certificate certified by the seal of the clinic;

• 4 photographs (3x4 cm);

• Document for benefits;

• copy of marriage certificate (if any);

• passport or residence permit;

Admission of foreign citizens to MIU

Foreign citizens wishing to study at the MIU are required to submit the following documents:

• application addressed to the rector according to the template;

• document on education with an attachment;

• certificate of recognition of the document on foreign education as the corresponding document on education of the Republic of Belarus;

• documents confirming Belarusian nationality;

• a medical certificate issued by the 33rd City Student Polyclinic for the result of the examination;

• medical report on the state of health and a certificate of absence of HIV infection, hepatitis, tuberculosis;

• original and copy of an identity document with a student visa to the Republic of Belarus;

• 4 photographs (3 × 4 cm).

Master's at MIU

The master's degree forms the knowledge, skills and abilities of scientific and pedagogical work, and also provides a master's degree.

MIU provides the opportunity to obtain a second degree of higher education in the following specialties:

• Psychology;

• Jurisprudence;

• Economy;

• Computer science and programming technologies.

Postgraduate study at MIU

Obtaining a master's degree gives the right to continue education at the level of postgraduate education. That is, you can apply for postgraduate studies in the following specialties:

• economics and management of the national economy;

• civil law;

• business law;

•family law;

• international private law.

International cooperation at MIU

International cooperation of the university is due to:

• Erasmus program;

• Summer courses at the Cambridge Regional College;

• International Sports Festival;

• International Business Valuation Olympiad "5th Valuation Olympiad";

• Program for the preparation of masters of law "Intellectual Property and Competition Law";

• Hungarian international scholarship program "Stipendium Hungaricum".