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Belarusian-Russian University
Belarusian-Russian University


The Belarusian-Russian University (BRU) in Mogilev is the largest regional technical university that trains engineers, builders, economists and logisticians on educational programs in Belarus and Russia. The university has an institute of advanced training and retraining, an architectural and construction college and a lyceum.

The BRU has a separate faculty of distance education, where they teach engineering specialties in full and abbreviated form. The highest grades in BRU are formed at the Faculty of Economics, Electrical Engineering and Engineering. Graduates of a machine-building university can work in factories, laboratory services, construction and installation organizations, IT companies, logistics and trading enterprises.

The conditions for scientific activity have been created in the BRU: a magistracy, graduate school are organized at the university, and councils for the defense of dissertations work. The BRU annually holds scientific conferences where students can get acquainted with relevant works of domestic as well as foreign specialists. The university collaborates with various foreign universities and researchers.

The Mogilev Engineering Institute was opened on September 1, 1961 in accordance with Decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR of August 10, 1961 No. 714 and Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the BSSR of August 22, 1961 No. 504.

By order of the Minister of Education of the Republic of Belarus No. 198 dated 05/17/2000, the Mogilev Engineering Institute was transformed into the Mogilev State Technical University (MSTU).

In accordance with the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Belarus and the Government of the Russian Federation, signed in Mogilev on January 19, 2001, by orders of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus No. 3862/518 of November 28, 2001 and No. 2102/206 of May 15, 2003, and by order of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus No. 371 dated 09/23/2003, the university was transformed into the State Institution of Higher Professional Education "Belarusian-Russian University".

In 2014, Expert RA agency assigned the university a rating class of “D” meaning an “acceptable level” of graduate training.

Postgraduate studies are carried out in the following specialties:
machine science, drive systems and machine parts;
echnology and equipment for mechanical and physical-technical processing;
engineering technology;
welding, related processes and technologies;
control methods and diagnostics in mechanical engineering;
wheeled and tracked vehicles;
road, construction and hoisting-and-transport machines;
electrotechnical complexes and systems;
devices and methods for monitoring the natural environment, substances, materials and products;
system analysis, management and information processing;
powder metallurgy and composite materials;
building structures, buildings and structures;
technology and organization of construction.