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Belarusian-Russian University
Belarusian-Russian University

Belarusian-Russian University

Master's at BRU

The university offers studies at the second stage of higher education. Here, students are taught the skills and abilities of research work, and at the exit they are given a diploma with the assignment of a Master's degree.

Students are taught in the following specialties:

• Economy;

• System analysis, management and information processing;

• Electricity and electrical engineering;

• Construction of buildings and structures;


• Instrument making;

• Innovative technologies in mechanical engineering.

Postgraduate study at BRU

Postgraduate studies are the stage of postgraduate education. Her task is to prepare and defend a thesis for the degree of candidate of sciences. At the end of the training, the graduate is awarded a diploma with the award of the degree "Researcher".

Postgraduate students are trained in 13 specialties.