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Polotsk State University
Polotsk State University


Polotsk State University (PSU) is a large regional university that teaches students in 45 specialties. PSU has an unusual history: first, in 1968, the Polytechnic Institute opened in Novopolotsk, and in 1993 it was renamed Polotsk State University. The main building of the university (and the selection committee) is located in Novopolotsk, part of the faculties - in Polotsk. So PSU is a university located in two cities at once.

Passing points at PSU are elevating, which gives applicants a chance to get a sought-after profession. Some of the highest passing marks are formed at the Faculty of Finance and Economics of PSU, where they teach economics, logistics and social communications. Recently, a specialty “Production of products based on three-dimensional technologies” has been opened at the University of Polotsk.

Polotsk State University takes care of the academic mobility of its students, as evidenced by contacts with universities in the European Union. Also, all freshmen PSU provides a place in the hostel.

Postgraduate specialties:
Physics and Mathematics
Technical science
Philological sciences
Earth sciences