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Brysnichka "Brusnichka" stores
"Brusnichka" stores

"Brusnichka" stores

Products in the stores "Brusnichka"

The chain of stores provides customers with a wide range of products, including:

• Alcoholic products;

• Grocery;

• soft drinks;

• ready meals;

• cooking;

• sausages;

• confectionery;

• bread;

• dairy products, etc.

Delivery in the stores "Brusnichka"

Brusnichka stores do not provide the possibility of delivering goods. All products can be purchased only in official Brusnichka stores at the nearest address.

Adresses of the stores "Brusnichka"

Buyers can purchase products at the following addresses:

• Minsk, st. Nikiforova, 2;

• Minsk, st. Pritytsky, 110;

• Minsk, st. Pritytsky, 6;

• Minsk, st. D. Serdych, 7;

• Minsk, st. Dzerzhinsky, 55;

• Brest, md. Yuzhny, 37;

• Vitebsk, Moskovsky avenue, 21a;

• G. Gomel, st. Sukhoi, 1a;

• G. Grodno, st. Dovator, 7;

• G. Mogilev, per. Harvest, 12.