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Evroopt "Evroopt" stores
"Evroopt" stores

"Evroopt" stores

Products in the "Evroopt" stores

The "Evroopt" chain has over 1000 stores throughout Belarus. The store offers all types of food products:

• vegetables;

• fruits;

• goods of own production;

• grocery;

• drinks;

• confectionery;

• dairy;

• oil;

• sauces;

• sausages;

• semi-finished products;

• fish;

• seafood, etc.

There are often promotional offers in stores, and with the E-plus card you can save with every purchase.

Delivery to the "Evroopt" stores

Delivery to Evroopt is carried out 7 days a week, seven days a week.

The courier can bring you groceries from 6:00 to 00:30 at the selected time interval. You can place an order at any time.

You can contact the store representative by calling 537-08-09. You will be sure to answer your questions and help you complete your order.

Please note that delivery includes all goods except alcoholic and tobacco products, because it is prohibited by the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

Addresses of the "Evroopt" stores

Euroopt is one of the most popular chains in Belarus, so stores can be found not only in regional centers, but also in regions.

The stores are located at the following addresses:

• Minsk, Montazhnikov, 2;

• Minsk, Dzerzhinsky avenue, 104-110;

• Minsk, Pobediteley avenue, 9;

• Minsk, Rokossovsky avenue, 99;

• Minsk, Independence avenue, 48;

• Brest, st. Yaseneva, 6a;

• Vitebsk, Moskovsky avenue, 130-1;

• Gomel, st. Sviridova, 50;

• Grodno, st. Victory, 47;

• Mogilev, st. Turov, 18a.