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Baranavichy State University
Baranavichy State University

Baranavichy State University

History of Baranovichy State University

The institution was established in 2004. The opening of a university in a non–capital city was aimed at bringing higher education institutions closer to the regions, bringing them closer to the citizens of Belarus, most of whom live in small towns. The emergence of the university significantly influenced the development of the city's business environment, helped many young professionals stay at home, moving up the career ladder in their chosen specialty. In 2005, the faculty of advanced training and retraining of personnel was created. In 2009, the first graduation of students took place. In 2015, the Center for the Study of the Chinese Language and Culture was established. The museum and exposition complex of the university was opened. A scientific and practical laboratory «Student business incubator» was created. The institution has a campus with 3 dormitories for more than 1000 beds, a gym and a swimming pool for organizing and conducting leisure activities.

Faculties of Baranovichy State University

In total, the university has 5 faculties (engineering, pedagogy and psychology, Slavic and Germanic languages, economics and law, pre–university training). The Institute for Advanced Studies and Retraining, a separate subdivision «Lyakhovichi Agrarian College», the Center for Turkish Language and Culture, the Center for the Study of Chinese Language and Culture, the Resource Center for Inclusive Education, a separate subdivision «Center for Technology Transfer» also operate. In total, the network of faculties includes 18 departments, 24 branches of departments; 8 research laboratories, 11 student research associations.

Admission to Baranovichy State University

All applicants choose to submit certificates of centralized testing in two academic subjects to the University's admissions office or take entrance examinations in the form of an oral or written examination in accordance with the selected group of specialties. Persons with a certificate or diploma of education with honors are admitted without competition. You can enter the following pedagogical specialties without admission tests: preschool education, primary education, history and social sciences, Belarusian language and literature, Russian language and literature, Belarusian language and literature, foreign language (with the indication of the language), biology and chemistry, biology and geography, mathematics and computer science, physics and computer science, physics and technical creativity, technical labor and entrepreneurship, technical labor and technical creativity, service labor and visual arts, physical culture.

Education of foreign citizens at Baranovichy State University

For admission of foreign citizens by July 5 of each year to the postal address of the university, by fax or by e–mail, you must send: an application form of a foreign citizen (filled in Russian); a copy of the education document indicating the subjects studied and the marks (points) obtained on them in exams with a notarized translation; a copy of the birth certificate with a notarized translation; copies of all completed pages of the passport. Copies of documents must be sealed by a notary. According to the procedure for admission to the university (conditionally), foreign citizens are divided into three groups: Group No. 1 – foreign citizens who come from the budget or on a paid basis in accordance with international treaties of the Republic of Belarus. The deadline for accepting documents for applicants of group No. 1 is from 1 to 17 July. Group No. 2 – foreign citizens entering only on a paid basis based on the results of the final certification when mastering the content of the educational program for preparing persons for admission. The deadline for accepting documents for this group is August 4. Group No. 3 – foreign citizens who enter only on a paid basis based on the results of an interview, which establishes their level of proficiency in the language in which the educational process is carried out, in an amount sufficient to master the content of the educational program of higher education. Interviewing can be organized remotely using information and communication technologies. The deadline for accepting documents from this group is October 15th.

Master's degree at Baranovichy State University

Master's degree is the second stage of postgraduate education, aimed at training specialists who have the skills to plan and independently conduct scientific research, deep theoretical knowledge, allowing them to prepare a qualifying scientific work for the degree of candidate of sciences. At Baranovichi University, you can get a scientific degree in the desired specialty.