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Belarusian State Economic University
Belarusian State Economic University

Belarusian State Economic University

History of the Belarusian State Economic University

The history of BSEU began in 1921, when a university was opened in Minsk in the profile areas of social sciences, medical, physical and mathematical.

Today students call the university the "grandfather" of all economists.

But over time, the need for highly qualified specialists grew, so the teaching staff of the university improved the educational program of economists in various fields.

In 1933, the university was divided into 3 separate units, one of which was named the Institute of National Economy. It was immediately approved as the Belarusian State Institute of National Economy.

At the institute, work was launched to develop teaching aids, increase the enrollment of applicants, and strengthen the material base of the university. Graduates had the opportunity to get a referral to state organizations of the BSSR.

The Second World War brought huge irreparable losses to the university. Hundreds of students and teachers fought for their homeland, and did not return from the battlefield. At the university, classrooms and buildings were destroyed, and manuals were partially removed from the large library.

In 1944, the university began work on restoration, and a year later it began to accept new applicants.

In 1950, the institute already had 8 dormitories, and this is already a whole campus.

1992 was a significant year for the university. It was transformed into the Belarusian State Economic University. Since that time, he is considered the leader among the universities of economic sciences in Belarus.

In 2004, the university launched a job fair. The event began to enjoy immense popularity among students. Since that time, the fair has been held every year to this day.

For all the time the university has won many republican and international awards, and in 2010 one of the first was certified according to the international quality management system.

Since 2012, the university has started recruiting for a master's degree, and since 2017 the practice of distance learning has begun.

Faculties of BSEU

Every year the university opens a recruitment for applicants for paid and free places. The university accepts students for full-time / part-time / distance education. Today, BSEU students study at the following faculties:

• Graduate School of Management and Business;

• Institute of Social and Humanitarian Education;

• Accounting and Economics Faculty;

• Faculty of Commerce and Tourism Industry;

• Faculty of Marketing and Logistics;

• Faculty of International Business Communications;

• Faculty of International Economic Relations;

• Faculty of Economics and Management;

• Faculty of Law;

• Faculty of Finance and Banking;

• Faculty of Digital Economy;

• Institute of Master's Training.

Admission to BSEU

Applicants can be included in the number of university students if they bring the following documents to the admissions office:

• an application addressed to the rector according to the sample (filled in at the university);

• documents on education with an application;

• certificates of CT held in the Republic of Belarus in the year of submission of documents or the year before;

• medical certificate of health status;

• documents on benefits;

• 6 photographs measuring 3 x 4 cm.

Education for foreign students at BSEU

Foreign citizens who plan to enter the BSEU have the right to participate in the competition, both with applicants from the Republic of Belarus and on the terms for foreign applicants.

Foreign citizens have the opportunity to enroll in BSEU on the following conditions:

• For a paid form of education based on the results of the final certification of the preparatory department or on the results of an interview;

• For a free form of education based on the selection results.

If a foreign citizen has not taken preparatory courses, then his admission is possible only if he has a sufficient level of previous education.

Master's program BSEU

BSEU annually invites students for further education for master's and postgraduate degrees.

Enrollment in the magistracy is carried out in 30 professionalizations of 8 specialties with the possibility of training in one of the selected teaching languages (Russian / English).

After passing all the required exams, the graduate receives a master's degree.

Postgraduate studies at BSEU

BSEU annually invites students for further education for a postgraduate degree.

Admission of students to postgraduate studies is carried out in 15 specialties.

Recruitment takes place among persons with a higher education diploma and a penchant for scientific research. Such students must have patents, documents on participation in seminars, etc.