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Belarusian State Order of the October Revolution and the Red Banner of Labor Agricultural Academy
Belarusian State Order of the October Revolution and the Red Banner of Labor Agricultural Academy

Belarusian State Order of the October Revolution and the Red Banner of Labor Agricultural Academy

History of BSAA

The Agricultural Academy today is the largest multidisciplinary higher educational institution in the agricultural sector among the CIS countries and Europe. The Academy is justly proud that the first President of the Republic of Belarus A.G. Lukashenko is her graduate. The Belarusian State Agricultural Academy today is a kind of city within a city. On the territory of the campus there are 16 educational buildings, 14 student dormitories, a library with a book fund of more than one million copies, a canteen for 800 seats. The most exotic place of the academy and a kind of research laboratory is the Botanical Garden. The main exposition of the garden is the arboretum, which in 1963 was declared a natural monument of republican significance. The academy also includes the research center "Experimental fields of the Belarusian State Agricultural Academy", a training ground, a cascade of ponds, etc. For leisure activities of students there is a Palace of Culture, a sports complex with a stadium and a swimming pool. About 9 thousand full-time and part-time students study at 10 faculties. The learning process is constantly being improved.

Faculties at BSAA

To date, the Academy is training in 21 specialties and 2 specializations. The most famous specialty of the Academy is agronomist. This is the most necessary and honorable profession. It is the agronomist who solves the problem of improving the technologies for cultivating agricultural crops, increasing the efficiency of land use. The specialty Selection and seed production trains specialists who solve the problems of creating new varieties and hybrids, their reproduction and introduction into production. Accountant - economist and financier trains specialists who are well aware of modern banking technologies and the specifics of financial and credit activities at enterprises. Graduates are employed in the banking system, tax office, and regulatory authorities. The Faculty of Land Management prepares land surveyors to work in state design institutes of the system, departments and departments of land management. The main task of the graduates of this specialty is to organize the effective use and protection of land in all sectors of the national economy, as well as to regulate land relations that develop at various stages of the development of society. Specialists who have received professions in the field of land cadastre are called upon to ensure state registration of real estate, perform land registration and valuation, control the use and protection of land, monitor land, perform actions related to technical inventory of real estate, and other work. The Faculty of Biotechnology and Aquaculture trains zoo technicians in the field of industrial fish farming. The Faculty of Reclamation and Water Management trains specialists in the design, construction and operation of drainage and irrigation drainage systems, water supply and water supply systems, hydraulic structures, ponds and reservoirs. The specialty of rural construction and land improvement - implies the design, construction and technical operation of civil and agricultural buildings and structures, their engineering support, highways, planning and improvement of settlements and inter-settlement territories.

Admission to BSAA

All applicants can choose to submit certificates of centralized testing in two academic subjects to the Academy's admissions office or pass entrance examinations in the form of an oral or written exam at the Academy in accordance with the selected group of specialties. Persons with a certificate or diploma of education with honors are admitted without competition.

Education for foreign citizens at the Belarusian State Agricultural Academy

Options for admission to higher education institutions of Belarus for foreign citizens:

for paid places provided for foreign citizens - based on the results of the interview (all foreign citizens);

to the budget (citizens of Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan) - based on the results of centralized testing;

to paid branches (citizens of Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan) - according to the results of centralized testing;

to places in accordance with the allocated quotas (representatives of the Belarusian diasporas who live abroad);

for budgetary places - in accordance with intergovernmental agreements of the Republic of Belarus.

Master's degree in BSAA

Since 2004, the Academy has been training masters. More than 200 people wishing to get a second higher education on a paid basis are trained in 4 specialties at the Higher School of Agribusiness. In going camping training of highly qualified personnel through postgraduate studies in 40 specialties in 7 fields of science and doctoral studies in 15 specialties in the 4 branches of science. The university has 3 councils for the defense of doctoral and candidate dissertations. Over the past five years, 8 doctoral and 45 master's theses have been defended. On the basis of the Institute for Advanced Studies and retraining annually raise more than 2 thousand qualified to lead the organizations of the country.