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Brest State Technical University
Brest State Technical University

Brest State Technical University

History of BrSTU

In the 60s, active development of Brest began. In this regard, an educational institution specializing in construction was urgently needed here. And in 1966 the Brest Civil Engineering Institute began its activity. In the same year, 334 students enrolled in full-time education.

The university began active infrastructure development. Thus, already in 1969, an educational building, sports facilities and a park were built on the basis of the university.

The teaching staff was replenished due to the transfer of specialists from neighboring universities of the BSSR and other republics. In 1966, the teaching staff consisted of only 32 people.

In subsequent years, the university opened new faculties and specialties. Thus, in 1967 - construction and architecture faculties, in 1969 - agricultural and evening faculties, in 1971 - irrigation and drainage faculty.

Students took an active part in the educational and construction process. Their duties included the improvement of the territory of the institute and the city. The students built such sights as "Brest Hero Fortress", "Gormolzavoda", etc.

In the 1990s, the university was renamed and reorganized more than once. In 2000, the university was reorganized into the Brest State Technical University. Since 2005, the university understands the importance of the IT sphere in the modern world, so the faculty of electronic information systems is opening here.

Today, the university successfully operates a certified quality management system of the STB ISO 9001-2015 standard.

Faculties at BrSTU

BrSTU teaches students at the following faculties:

• Faculty of Mechanical Engineering;

• Faculty of Civil Engineering;

• Engineering and Economics Faculty of Distance Education;

• Faculty of Engineering Systems and Ecology;

• Faculty of Electronic Information Systems;

•Faculty of Economics.

Admission to BrSTU

Each applicant wishing to enter BrSTU is obliged to bring the following documents to the selection committee:

• the passport is presented by the applicant personally;

• application by sample;

• documents on education with an application;

• CT certificates held in the Republic of Belarus in the year of admission or in the year preceding the year of admission;

• medical certificate in the form;

• documents on benefits;

• 6 photographs measuring 3 x 4 cm.

International cooperation at BrSTU

BrSTU is trying to connect its students to the global educational space, therefore it develops partnerships with leading world universities.

Moreover, BrSTU is a member of the Association of European Faculties of Civil Engineering with the participation of civil engineering faculties of non-European countries.

Today the university has signed agreements and memorandums with 30 foreign universities. This means that students can participate in international scientific conferences, implement experimental research, exchange groups for internships for students and teachers.