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Grodno State Medical University
Grodno State Medical University

Grodno State Medical University

History of Grodno State Medical University

The history of the university began in 1958, when the recruitment of applicants for medical specialties began in Grodno. The teaching staff, together with the students, have come a long way to the level of education that the university offers today.

Gradually, the university developed, and after 6 years the number of employees increased 10 times. In the same year, the university graduated the first specialists. They were distinguished by a special thirst for study, seriousness of intentions and outstanding abilities.

Students tried not to forget about the social and cultural life of the university, so they created art circles and sports sections, discos and even KVN. Modern students continue the active development of the university, therefore, Faculty Days, promotions for a healthy lifestyle and concerts are held here every year.

Throughout the history of its existence, the university has opened a subordination, internship, 4 faculties and 5 specialties. Today it provides the medical sector of Belarus with high-quality personnel, and its graduates occupy high positions in healthcare organizations of various levels.

To date, almost the entire teaching staff of the university has a diploma of higher education from the State Medical University. International symposia on physiology and vitaminology are held annually at the university.

Faculties at GRSMU

The university trains specialists at the level of higher education in the following faculties:

•Medical Faculty;

• Medical and Diagnostic Faculty;

• Medical and psychological faculty;

• Faculty of Pediatrics.

Admission to the GRSMU

Applicants wishing to enter the GrSMU must prepare the following documents:

•The passport;

• Application by sample;

• Diploma of education with an application;

• Certificates of CT conducted in the Republic of Belarus in the year of admission / previous year;

• Medical certificate of health status;

• Documents on benefits;

• 4 photos of 3x4 cm.

An envelope with a stamp and a return address (for sending notices of admission).

Master's degree at GrSMU

The master's degree at the GRSMU provides the formation of knowledge and skills of scientific and pedagogical work in the field of medicine for subsequent postgraduate studies. Graduates are awarded a master's degree and the opportunity to enter the third stage of higher education.

GRSMU students study during the year. During this time, they master the chosen specialty in the full-time form of education.

Admission to the magistracy is carried out on a competitive basis. In this case, the main requirement is the presence of aptitude for the sciences of the chosen specialty. Students are checked for scientific publications, the number of seminars and conferences passed, as well as the relevant departments with a request.

Postgraduate studies at GrSMU

Postgraduate studies are postgraduate education. Its task is to prepare and defend a dissertation for the assignment of the “Researcher” qualification.

Students are taught in three forms of training: full-time - 3 years, part-time - 4 years, in the form of competition - 5 years.

Admission to graduate school is conducted among people who have received higher education and have a penchant for scientific research. For admission, students must pass candidate exams and general education tests before entering graduate school. Postgraduate studies are conducted in 40 medical and biological specialties.