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Institute of Entrepreneurship
Institute of Entrepreneurship


The educational institution “Institute of Entrepreneurship” (IPD) in Minsk was founded in 1992. The main task of the institute is to train specialists and managers of the highest qualifications of a new type, who are free to navigate the vast information flows, have a fundamental professional education, have a high culture of intellectual and managerial work, are able to unleash their potential to contribute to the formation of civilized market relations, the development of democracy and the rule of law.

The Institute of Entrepreneurship (IPD) in Minsk promotes the economic and innovative development of the country, the revival of Belarusian entrepreneurship, the training of highly qualified personnel who are able to work effectively in modern economic and social conditions. The concept of the educational process in the IPD is based on four “pillars”: professional knowledge, organizational skills, creativity, spirituality. The loss of at least one of these links significantly reduces the potential of the future entrepreneur.

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