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Military Academy of the Republic of Belarus
Military Academy of the Republic of Belarus

Military Academy of the Republic of Belarus

History of the Military Academy of the Republic of Belarus

The history of the academy began in 1995, when an educational institution was built in Minsk on the basis of a higher military school and a higher military command school. The purpose of the creation of the academy was to train officers for the power structures of the Republic of Belarus.

Today the Academy occupies a leading position in the ranking of the largest universities in Belarus. All rights for training are secured by license No. 02100/0558534. To this day, the Academy provides power structures with specialists in the field of military engineering.

Graduates receive higher education diplomas and the rank of "lieutenant" after 4 years of training within the walls of the academy.

The teaching staff of the university numbers over 700 highly qualified specialists. Many people can be recognized as distinguished scientists, inventors and innovators of the Republic of Belarus.

The infrastructure of the academy includes the material and technical base. The Academy is equipped with modern classrooms and specialized classrooms, which provide the right to use electronic computers and automation equipment.

Physical training plays an important role in training cadets. Therefore, they can always use exercise machines and sports sections to develop physical health.

For the period of training, cadets are allocated places in the hostel. In winter and summer, they go on a well-deserved vacation to recuperate and relax.

The number of applicants who dream of being cadets is increasing every year. In addition to male male recruitment, since 2002, training has been provided to the weaker half of humanity.

Faculties of the Military Academy of the Republic of Belarus

The Academy trains cadets at the following faculties:

• Aviation Faculty;

• Combined Arms Faculty;

• Faculty of Internal Troops;

• Faculty of Military Intelligence;

• Faculty of Air Defense;

• Faculty of missile forces and artillery and missile and artillery weapons;

• Faculty of Communications and Automated Control Systems.

Admission to the Military Academy of the Republic of Belarus

To date, there are more people wishing to enter the Military Academy than there are free places in an educational institution. Therefore, the cadets are carefully selected. Applicants whose goal is to enter the academy are required to submit the following documents to the selection committee:

• an application addressed to the chief according to the sample;

•the passport;

• document on education with an attachment;

• service certificate (military ID);

• certificates of CT held in the Republic of Belarus in the year of admission or in the previous year;

• documents on benefits.