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Mogilev State University of Food Technologies
Mogilev State University of Food Technologies

Mogilev State University of Food Technologies

History of Mogilev State University of Food Technologies

Mogilev State University of Food is the only higher educational institution in the Republic of Belarus that trains process engineers, mechanical engineers and economists for the food processing and chemical industries. For almost 45 years the university has trained more than 30 thousand specialists. All graduates studying on a budgetary basis are assigned to enterprises in the public sector of the economy. The demand for young specialists annually exceeds the capabilities of MSUF by 1.5 times, and in some specialties it is even higher. Today, about 7000 students study at the full–time and part–time faculties of MSUF. University graduates work in all the largest food industry enterprises in the country, thereby confirming the relevance, demand for trained specialists in this educational institution.

Faculties of Mogilev State University of Food Technologies

Currently, the university is training in 12 specialties and 25 specializations. Today, the university graduates process engineers in such specializations as milk and dairy products technology, meat and meat products technology, vegetable and fruit canning technology, grain storage and processing technology, technology of bakery, pasta, cereal and confectionery production, as well as food concentrates, technology of fermentation production and winemaking, technology of production and organization of public catering. The university also trains mechanical engineers in specializations: equipment for the meat and dairy industry, equipment for grain processing enterprises, equipment for small processing industries, trade and public catering, automation of technological processes and production in the food industry, refrigeration machines and installations. No less interesting and popular specializations are presented in the training of economists: commodity science of food products, accounting, analysis and audit in industry, finance and credit.

Admission to Mogilev State University of Food Technologies

Applicants submit to the selection committee certificates of centralized testing in the Belarusian or Russian language at choice and in two academic subjects in accordance with the selected group of specialties. As a rule, its chemistry or biology. The duration of full–time education is 4 years. For preparation, applicants can contact the department of pre–university training, where preparatory courses are organized. Foreign citizens are enrolled according to the results of final tests at the end of the preparatory courses, and who do not have a certificate of completion of the preparatory courses – according to the results of the interview, which establishes the level of their Russian language proficiency, in amounts sufficient for mastering the curriculum.

International cooperation of Mogilev State University of Food Technologies

The first stage higher education program is aimed at training specialists with special knowledge and skills in the chosen field of knowledge. Training is carried out in Russian. On the full–time form of all specialties, the term of study is 4 years. Tuition fees per year from $ 1600 to $ 2200 The International Cooperation Department offers Russian language classes for foreign citizens who want to learn Russian from scratch; improve the quality of your Russian language; improve your Russian for business and professional communication. In addition to classroom activities, listeners are offered participation in various cultural, sports, educational events, competitions, quizzes; they will be able to visit the youth student environment, join the student life. Students of the courses can get acquainted with the cultural heritage of Belarus, with audio and video materials demonstrating all the richness of Slavic culture.

Master's program at Mogilev State University of Food Technologies

The master's program offers training in 10 specialties. A foreign citizen who has received a higher education can also continue his studies in the master's program at MSUF with a duration of 1 year (full–time), 1.5 years (correspondence). In the specialties «Engineering business» and «Production and processing of polymers and composites» training is carried out in English. The cost of studying for a master's degree is determined annually depending on the number of students by the beginning of the academic year. Upon completion of training, an international Master's Diploma is issued.

Postgraduate studies at Mogilev State University of Food Technologies

At the institute, one can enter postgraduate studies in the following specialties: thermal physics and theoretical heat engineering; inorganic chemistry; physical chemistry; machine, units and processes; automation and control of technological processes and production, technology and processing of polymers and composites, technology of processing, storage and processing of cereals, legumes, cereals, fruits and vegetables and viticulture, technology of meat, dairy and fish products and refrigeration production