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Polessky State University
Polessky State University

Polessky State University

History of Polessky State University

The history of the university began in 1997, when a branch of the Higher School of Management and Business BSEU was opened in Pinsk. The students who received their education at the School were the first students of the university.

And only in 2006 the university was registered as a separate unit of Polessky State University. The university recruited students for full-time and part-time education at the Faculty of Economics. The specialists were trained in Economics and enterprise management.

In 2008, a research laboratory "Business Center" was created on the basis of the university, which provided consulting assistance to private business entities in the region, where business plans were examined, financial plans and budgeting were developed, and others. Over time, the following specialties were opened at the university: marketing, tourism and hospitality. Along with this, the 2nd stage of higher education also developed and opened up new specialties such as Economics and national economy management, marketing and business administration.

The university developed certain scientific and pedagogical traditions, and also created conditions for the accumulation of theoretical and practical research experience. Over the years, more and more scientists and teachers could be seen within the walls of the university, who are actively developing an educational program for the graduation of specialists who have formed fundamental worldview values, ideas, and beliefs.

A great achievement of the university is the development of international relations with partner universities in Poland, Lithuania and others. Much attention is paid to training specialists with employment not only within our country, but also abroad.

Faculties of Polessky State University

To date, university students study at the following faculties:

•Faculty of Engineering;

• Faculty of additional education;

• Biotechnology Faculty;

• Faculty of Banking;

• Faculty of healthy lifestyle organization;

•Faculty of Economics;

• Faculty of Economics and Finance.

Admission to Polessky State University

An applicant who decided to enter BTEU is obliged to bring the following documents to the admissions office:

• Application by sample;

• documents on education with an application;

• certificates of centralized testing for the current or previous year;

• medical certificate of health status with two photocopies;

• 4 photographs measuring 3 x 4 cm;

• 2 postal envelopes in RB;

• documents confirming the benefits of the applicant;

• photocopies of 31,32,33 pages of the passport;

• identity document.

Master's degree at Polessky State University

Polessky State University invites graduates to continue their studies within the walls of the university at the second stage of higher education - master's degree. A prerequisite is the presence of a 1st stage higher education.

Students are recruited for the following specialties:

• finance, taxation and credit;

• accounting, analysis and audit;

• marketing;

• economy;

• microbiology;

•physical Culture and sport.

Postgraduate studies at Polessky State University

PolesGU recruits students with the 2nd stage of higher education to train highly qualified scientists. Education is conducted for 3 years in full-time, and 4 years in correspondence education. Postgraduate studies offer the following specialties:

• Economicss and management of the national economy;

• finance, money circulation and credit;

• theory and methodology of physical education, sports training, health-improving and adaptive physical culture;

• biotechnology;

• fisheries and aquaculture.