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Polotsk State University
Polotsk State University

Polotsk State University

PSU history

The history of the university began in 1968, when a branch of the Belarusian Polytechnic Institute was opened in the fragile city.

By the round dates of the university, publishing houses tried to publish literature that would fully reveal the experience of the accumulated years.

But most of all the university is proud of the book "Polotsk State University: Origins, History of Formation and Activity". The entire teaching staff of the Department of History worked on its content. The book consists of 10 sections. The pages of the publication contain detailed information about the structure of the university with detailed descriptions and corresponding photographs. The book cover fully reflects its content.

Today, the structure of the university includes 50 undergraduate specialties, 30 graduate programs, 20 postgraduate study programs and 20 specialties at the faculty of retraining.

PSU is:

• Foreign students from more than 20 countries of the world;

• Educational programs of double degree;

•Academic mobility;

• Creative teams;

• Student and volunteer teams;

• Sport sections.

PSU faculties

The university invites applicants to the following faculties:

• Civil Engineering Faculty;

• Faculty of Humanities;

• Faculty of Mechanics and Technology;

• Faculty of Computer Science and Electronics;

• Faculty of Information Technology;

• Finance and Economics Faculty;

• Faculty of Law.

Admission to the PSU

The applicant is obliged to submit the following documents to the selection committee:

• a sample application (filled in at the university);

•the passport;

• documents on education with an application;

• certificates of CT held in the Republic of Belarus in the year of admission / for the previous year;

• medical certificate of health status in the form;

• 4 photographs (3 * 4 cm.);

• Documents confirming the benefits of the applicant.