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Private Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship
Private Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship

Private Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship

History of a private institute of management and entrepreneurship

The history of the institute began in 1993. Today the pride of the institute is its license to comply with the status of an "institute".

Throughout its history, the institute has graduated more than one thousand students who are able to think critically and who achieve great success thanks to the educational services of the university. More than 20 thousand specialists work today in various sectors of the national economy.

Those who have received a diploma of secondary specialized specialized education can apply for a place within the walls of the university on an abbreviated form of education.

Since 2009, the university has been producing not only bachelors, but also undergraduates in the specialty Economics and management of the national economy and Economics.

Since 2001, students have the opportunity to enter the third stage of higher education. The institute graduates post-graduate students with a degree in economics and national economy management.

Today the Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship is:

• Experienced teaching staff consisting of the best specialists;

• A training system created to work for the result;

•The international cooperation;

• developed social infrastructure

• assistance in finding a job.

Private institute of management and entrepreneurship faculties

The Institute recruits applicants for the following faculties:

•Faculty of Economics;

• Faculty of Law;

• Faculty of advanced training and retraining.

Admission to a private institute of management and entrepreneurship

Those wishing to enroll in CHIUP are required to bring the following documents to the admissions office:

• Documents about education with an application;

• Application by sample;

• Certificates of the CT in subjects corresponding to the chosen specialty for the current and previous year;

• Medical certificate of health status;

• Documents on benefits;

• 4 photos (3x4);

• Passport or residence permit.

Education for foreign students at the Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship

Foreign applicants can apply for admission to CHIUP from July 8 to October 15. To do this, you need to collect the following documents:

• Application by sample;

• Educational document with attachment;

• Medical certificate of passing a compulsory medical examination on the territory of Belarus;

• Medical certificate and certificate of absence of HIV infection;

•Birth certificate;

• 6 photographs (3x4 cm.);

• Certificate of graduation from the faculty of pre-university training;

A mandatory requirement for each document is its translation into Russian, certified by a notary. Additionally, representatives of the university may request some documents to make an appropriate decision.

European Diploma at a Private Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship

CHIUP and the University of Economics of Poland have developed a network model of education for higher education according to the 1 + 2 system. It implies 1 year of study in Belarus and 2 years in Poland. What is especially pleasing to applicants, admission is carried out without entrance examinations.

Students are taught in the following specialties:

• Rachunkowość i usl. Finansowe - Accounting and Financial Services;

• Ekonomika małych i średnich firm - Small and Medium Business Economy;

• Ekonomika sektora TSL - Economics of the TEL sector (transport-forwarding-logistics).

Students are admitted to full-time education for a period of 3 years.

Upon graduation, a European diploma from the University of Economics is issued.