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Vitebsk State Order of Friendship of Peoples Medical University
Vitebsk State Order of Friendship of Peoples Medical University

Vitebsk State Order of Friendship of Peoples Medical University

History of VSMU

The history of VSMU began in 1934, when a medical university was opened in Vitebsk with a total of 250 students.

The head of the medical school was S.A. Khazanov and 12 famous professors at that time.

In 1938, the hospital was renamed Vitebsk Medical Institute.

The Second World War suspended the development of an educational institution. Many students and workers defended the honor of the Motherland and never returned. But already in 1946 he resumed his activities headed by A.I. Savchenko. And in 1948 a student scientific society was created.

Over time, the university expanded, and within its walls the best teachers of the country worked and made programs. Periodically, decisions were made to open new faculties and specialties, which made it possible to train specialists for a more serious program and to convey to them in detail the basics of medicine in the chosen direction.

Over time, the university began to develop infrastructure. Thus, 5 dormitories were opened, and in 1987 - a sports complex and a canteen.

The university led a gradual development, so in the 2000s, a knowledge quality control system was developed and implemented. The educational program trained high-level specialists who were in demand not only within our country, but also in neighboring countries. In 2003, the VSMU Clinic was established.

Today VSMU is the leader of medical education in the Vitebsk region, where specialists with higher education of the first, second and third levels are trained. Many university employees receive awards and awards of both republican and international significance.

VSMU faculties

The university trains specialists in the following faculties:

•Medical Faculty;

• Faculty of Dentistry;

• Pharmaceutical Faculty.

Admission to VSMU

The applicant is obliged to submit the following documents to the selection committee:

• Application by sample;

• A copy of your passport;

• Educational document with attachment;

• Personal record of personnel (with a photo), certified by the personnel department of the last place of work;

• Autobiography (handwritten);

• A copy of the work book;

• Medical certificate;

• Reference characteristics from the last place of work;

• 3 photos (3 * 4cm).

Training of foreign citizens at VSMU

Foreign applicants are given the opportunity to enter VSMU. To do this, the applicant must go through the following steps:

• Bring documents to the selection committee;

• Receive an invitation to study;

• Submit your application for training by August 25th;

• Obtain a visa and arrive;

• Get interviewed and enrolled.

Master's degree at VSMU

Vitebsk State Order of Peoples' Friendship Medical University recruits students for a master's degree in the following specialties:

• Medicine;

• Pharmacy.

Master's degree studies are carried out for 1 year.