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Vitebsk State University named after P. M. Masherov
Vitebsk State University named after P. M. Masherov

Vitebsk State University named after P. M. Masherov

History of VSU named after Masherov

The history of the university began in 1910, when an institute was opened in Vitebsk to train specialists in the field of teaching.

During the Second World War, students and specialists fought for the freedom of the Belarusian land, and the institute was used as a military field hospital. Today, the teaching staff and students of that time are the pride of the university, and some even bore the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

In 1944 the institute continued its activities. And in 1974 it moved to the building on Moskovsky Prospekt, which still meets students annually.

The development and effectiveness of research activities served as a good argument for the opening of graduate school in 1991. And after 5 years, the magistracy was opened.

Over time, the university began to open new faculties and specialties, graduates became successful specialists, and the institute had a prestigious status among other educational institutions. Therefore, already in 1995, it received the title of a state university, and after 3 years it was given the P.M. Masherov name.

Today, the effective work of the entire team of the university and the success of graduates and students allows it to carry the status of a leading research center not only in Vitebsk, but also in its region.

Faculties of VSU named after Masherov

To date, applicants are offered admission to the following faculties:

• Faculty of Chemical, Biological and Geographical Sciences;

• Faculty of Humanities and Language Communication;

• Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technology;

• Faculty of Education;

• Faculty of Social Pedagogy and Psychology;

• Faculty of Physical Culture and Sports;

• Faculty of Philology;

• Art and graphic faculty;

• Faculty of Law.

Admission to VSU named after Masherov

For successful admission to the university, the admissions committee requires the following documents:

•the passport;

• a statement on the sample;

• document on education with an attachment;

• 3 CT certificates in subjects corresponding to the specialty;

• medical certificate certified by the seal of the clinic;

• documents providing benefits for a hostel, etc .;

• 2 photos (3 x 4 cm).

Education of foreign citizens at VSU named after Masherov

The university provides an opportunity for foreigners to enter. This requires the following documents:

• application by sample;

• document on education with an attachment (with a certificate of recognition of the document corresponding to the document on education of the Republic of Belarus);

• medical certificate issued by the “33rd city polyclinic” for the result of the examination;

• medical report on the state of health and a certificate of absence of HIV infection;

•birth certificate;

• 2 photos (3 x 4 cm);

• certificate of graduation from the faculty of pre-university training at the university.

All documents in a foreign language must be translated and notarized.

Master's and Postgraduate studies at VSU named after Masherov

Vitebsk State University named after P.M. Masherova provides an opportunity to obtain the II stage of higher education.

Persons with a higher education diploma can apply for a place in the master's program.

Vitebsk State University named after P.M. Masherova accepts students in 23 specialties, of which 2 specialties are new:

• Art management;

• Jurisprudence.

Students wishing to continue their studies and applying for the 3rd level of higher education can go to graduate school. Postgraduate students must have:

• passion for scientific research, which must be confirmed by scientific publications or participation in scientific and practical conferences;

• recommendation of the Academic Council or work experience for two years in positions requiring higher education;

• positive marks in exams and tests in general subjects.

Advanced training and retraining at VSU named after Masherov

The Institute for Advanced Studies and Retraining of Personnel began its activities in 1997. Initially, it was a faculty, but after 3 years it was renamed into an institute.

The main tasks of PKI and PC are:

• Educational program for retraining specialists at the level of higher education;

• Training aimed at improving the qualifications of executive specialists;

•Training courses.