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A certificate of the absence of COVID-19 is no more required for transit through Belarus

Foreigners, as well as stateless people, will no longer need to have a certificate of the absence of COVID-19 at the border when they transit through the territory of Belarus, reports.

New rules for transit through Belarus will come into force on the 22nd of October. In addition to cancelling the requirement to present a health certificate, foreign citizens and stateless people passing through Belarus will not be subject to the requirement to observe the 10-day quarantine.

When making a transit, foreign citizens will need to confirm that they will leave the country within 24 hours and have the following documents with them:

• travel document (ticket);

• transit visa of the Republic of Belarus;

• an official invitation of the body (organization) of the state of destination;

• vouchers to medical (health-improving) institutions;

• other documents.

In case that transit exceeds 24 hours, foreigners will need to submit a certificate of absence of COVID-19 on the border.

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