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фермерский рынок

A farmers` market was opened in the center of Minsk

The farmers` market with natural products was opened in Minsk, reports. The eco-market is located on the DVOR site at Kalvariyskaya, 21.

The farmers` market will work only on Saturdays. Fans of natural and environmentally friendly products will be able to go shopping from 11.00 to 14.00. According to the organizers, the initiative to make a farmer’s market in the center of Minsk appeared due to the demand for natural food and its growing popularity.

The project’s social networks report: “We have dreamed of launching a weekend city market for a long time, to come in the morning with a basket, pick up vegetables and cheese, drink a cup of coffee with homemade cake - and calmly continue the weekend!”

In the market, visitors can find homemade cheeses, honey, fresh bread, farm vegetables, berries, homemade ice cream and much more.

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