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A jeweler from Brest created the smallest ring in the world

A jewelry master from Brest managed to create the smallest wedding ring, reports

In the shop windows of the jeweler-designer Vadim Kachan, there are artful items made of gold and silver with precious stones. The smallest wedding ring is stored in this workshop.

Vadim's miniature wedding ring is not the first one. About 15 years ago, he managed to make the decoration even smaller than the exhibition exhibit, but, unfortunately, it has not been preserved. "It was a whole story! I was working as an employee in the workshop at the time. In the early 2000s, the guys decided to test their skills on a bet. The bet was that the ring would fit into the eye of a medium-sized sewing needle. As a result, I did this. The argument was won, but then the ring was lost. But there was an idea to make an ornament with a small stone on a small scale, so that under high magnification it looked like a normal wedding ring, " the jeweler recalls. 

And so it turned out - a ring of white and pink gold about 2 mm in diameter, weighing 0.01 g with a diamond of 0.002 carats (this is the smallest of the available stones of mass production). The cost of materials was quite low - it does not exceed Br5. 

The Belarusian jeweler's jewel certainly claims to be a world record. However, according to him, it makes no sense to submit an application to the Guinness book of records: the organizers refuse to accept achievements in a category that has not been recorded before. For the city of Brest, this is an obvious record that is at least worthy of attention.