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кузьма чорный

A new art object will appear in Minsk

The graffiti of the famous Belarusian writer Kuzma Chorny will appear in Minsk, reports

On Kuzma Chorny Street, on the facade of one of the houses, a huge black and white portrait of a Belarusian writer appeared. The creation of the art object was connected with the birthday of the playwright. On the 24th of June will be 120 years since the birth of Kuzma Chorny. The initiator of the creation of graffiti was one of the inhabitants of the house.

A creative team of Zadelo artists is working on creating the portrait; Dmitry Veselin is a curator of the project. The project to create graffiti on the facade of the building passed all the necessary state instances. Artists have begun work on the 10th of June and are planning to complete the portrait as soon as possible. The team hopes that graffiti will help Belarusians learn or remind themselves that in our history there is such a talented writer.

According to the head of Zadelo team, this project will bring about the appearance of such works not only in the capital, but also in the regions of Belarus.

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