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A new shopping center will be opened in Minsk

One more shopping and entertainment center “Panorama” will appear in Minsk, reports

The construction of the “Panorama” center is scheduled for the beginning of 2021. The center will be located near the “Slutsky Gostinets” metro station, which will by opened in the summer of 2020.

The shopping and entertainment center will host shops, a cinema, a food court, a children's development center, an entertainment zone, offices and parking. Owners pay a lot of attention on entertainment, in order to give visitors the maximum amount of pleasure and positive emotions.

The office part of the shopping center will be located in a tower of 13 floors, each floor with an area of about 1.3 thousand square meters. Also on the first floors of the tower, there will be a medical center and a gym that will work around the clock.

The company “RealGrandInvest” will carry out the construction. The company also plans to create something completely new for Belarus in the shopping center.

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