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A unique for Belarus extreme park will be opened in Soligorsk

A unique for Belarus extreme park will be opened in Soligorsk in early reports.

"The opening of a unique extreme park along the Naberezhnaya Street will be timed to coincide with the first stage of the Belarus Skateboard Challenge 2021 championship on its territory. Thus, a modern platform for skateboarding and roller skating will begin to benefit and will be in demand from the first day of opening" - said Yevgeny Pavlov, head of the Sports and Tourism department of the Soligorsky District Executive Committee.

The skatepark project was developed in accordance with the recommendations of  "Belarusian Skateboarding Federation" and meets the criteria for holding skateboarding competitions.

Today the skatepark has no analogues in the country both in terms of area and the filling of the competition zone with figures.

The park consists of nine modules on an area of 1500 sq. m. for many types of skating, which allows beginners and professional athletes to perform simple and complex tricks on its territory.

On July 10-11, the best skaters of Belarus will be able to try out a new platform in a competitive program of two disciplines: STREET and PARK. A separate day is allocated for each of the disciplines. The winners will be determined in three categories: juniors, men, women. Everyone who wants to take part can go through the pre-registration procedure until the evening of July 5.

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