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выбор года

Start of the All-Belarusian survey 2020

The International Agency for Social and Marketing Research (IASMI) is launching a survey of consumer preferences for the Choice of the Year 2020 festival-competition. Hundreds of respondents from Minsk and other cities of Belarus will be interviewed. Experts, advertising commission, high jury and organizing committee will also express their opinion. After that, all answers will be calculated according to the official competition methodology.

Methodology for determining the winners

The methodology for determining the winners of the “Choice of the Year” project is complex, the same in all countries of the project and allows evaluating the product / service from different angles, which brings the results as close as possible to objectivity.

40% of the total score is the result of the all-Belarusian marketing research of consumer preferences. One of the questions: which product in this product category do you think is the best? The "best" indicators are used to sum up the results of the competition.

30% is the opinion of the Expert Council, which includes representatives of state and public organizations who are knowledgeable in a particular area and can evaluate goods / services from a professional point of view.

15% - the opinion of representatives of leading advertising agencies regarding the advertising and image campaign of goods, their positioning, advertising strategy and creativity.

10% - opinion of the High Jury. The High Jury of the project includes Belarusian officials, media representatives, successful businessmen, famous artists, writers, TV presenters and other respected people of Belarus.

5% - the opinion of the Festival Organizing Committee.

The participant of the competition who scored the maximum number of points in total is the Winner of the competition.

The base of respondents with all socio-demographic data and answers are in the public domain for each participant. In addition to analyzing the target audience for your product or service, this allows you to exclude the facts of cheating votes, as is the case in online voting.

At the end of autumn, the research results will be available to the contest participants.

An awards ceremony will take place in December. By tradition, the event will be closed, where the winners, as well as media representatives and simply respected people of Belarus will gather.

Until the announcement of the results of the competition, companies have one last chance to apply for participation or purchase of research data. The survey will be conducted in 100 nominations. This is a great opportunity for participants to receive marketing information for little money, which in an individual format will cost many times more.

More detailed information on research, participation and methodology of the competition can be obtained by calling:

+375 29 169 92 61

+375 29 667 49 93