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App- doctor's assistant in an emergency

Students of BSMU Bazhena Kurzova and Ivan Karshakevich created a mobile app that will allow doctors to navigate in an emergency and coordinate their actions in providing assistance to victims, reports 

The idea of the project belongs to Ivan Karshakevich, Bazhena Kurzova joined the project. She participated in the last season of the competition of social projects Social Weekend and, hearing about the development of Ivan, invited him to participate in the current. Together the guys reached the final.

The app is useful in the case of an incident with a large number of victims, when one doctor will have several patients and will need to quickly assess the condition of each. The doctor approaches the patient, opens the app, receives the algorithm of actions, performs the specified manipulations and fills in the data on the victim in the application. The app on the specified information defines a condition of the person as heavy, average weight or satisfactory. Next, the doctor notes the examined patient with a conditional sticker and proceeds to the examination of the next victim. A doctor who comes to the emergency site later, approaching the patient, sees that a colleague has already examined this person, so he does not duplicate the actions, but, for example, provides another type of assistance or takes him to the hospital.

The app will be able to recommend the nearest hospital, where the examined victims will have the desired type of assistance, send information about the patient to the medical institution while he is traveling. Thus, it will be possible to improve the quality of assistance.

Students developed a demo version of the app. Now they need programmers and lawyers to create a working product and test it. Partners are found, so the guys will continue to work on the project.