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Armenia is interested in cooperation with Belarus in the field of high technologies

Armenia is interested in cooperation with Belarus in the field of high technologies. According to the head of the diplomatic mission, in 2018, the trade turnover between Armenia and Belarus was at the level of $50 million, an increase of 17%, in 2019, this figure amounted to about $70 million, reports

"We succeeded to move in this direction thanks to the coordinated work of the two countries and the entrepreneurial spirit of the business communities. The trade turnover is the same both in terms of exports and imports, that is, it did not occur due to a leap forward in one or two industries or areas. But I am far from thinking that in bilateral trade we have reached the level after which we can say that this is our ceiling," the Ambassador said.

He stressed that Belarus and Armenia do not fully use their opportunities. "We must also take into account that the economy of Armenia and the economy of Belarus are undergoing evolutionary transformations. First of all, this is due to the fact that governments pay close attention to such a trend as high technology. This is something without which it would be difficult to imagine the economy of the 21st century. I am sure that along with the traditional spheres of interaction, we will increase our cooperation in IT by many times, and our enterprising minds in this area will not only solve problems that are relevant to them, but also establish closer cooperation ties," Armen Gevondyan said.