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Bank Dabrabyt is a Belarusian bank which sees its top priority in helping clients to increase their individual and corporate wellbeing.
From the bottom of our hearts, we wish our customers financial success and for that wish to come true we develop quality products and services designed to give pleasure and comfort from just being a client of our bank.

For the past several years Dabrabyt bank has brought together a powerful team of professionals previously employed by such international bank groups as Raiffeisen, VTB, Sberbank, Alfa Bank. Their reach experience and expertise are the key factors for developing best financial instruments catered for local and international companies.

What do we provide?
1. A professional personal manager to back your business
2. Customized financial solutions for your projects
3. Modern ways of financing: factoring, leasing, documentary operations, etc.

Why the bank’s services may appeal to you?
1. We are on the list of the most efficient banks in the country with one of the highest return on equity.
2. We take an active part in investing into Belarusian business: in 2018 alone, we increased the number of loans issued to small businesses by 2.5 times, took second place on factoring in the country, furthermore, we are constantly moving forward leasing operations.
3. We take honor in being a partner with more than 10,000 client companies.
4. According to the 2018 final calculations we top the list on the number of deals on the foreign exchange market in Belarus. We are also the only ones in Belarus to provide selling and buying of currencies on stock exchange online with the rates being quoted upon via Viber.

We also offer unique sets of services for entrepreneurs who are currently at the starting point of their business journey.