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Belarus entered the list of countries with a non-free Internet

The American human rights organization Freedom House has presented a list of countries with a non-free Internet, reports. Belarus was included in this list.

The rating assessed the level of freedom and accessibility of the Internet for the population of the country, restrictions on content and violations of user rights for 2020. Despite the disruptions to the Internet in Belarus due to the unstable political situation, Belarus has increased its score by 3 points in comparison with the rating in 2019. However, the assessment showed that Belarus is still a country with a non-free Internet.

In total, the rating presents data on 65 countries of the world, the total number of Internet users of which is 87%:

Belarus received 39 points;

Russia received 30 points;

Ukraine received 61 points (a country with a partially free Internet).

The best internet situation is currently in Iceland.

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