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Belarus entered TOP-5 countries by the number of COVID-19 cases during 14 days

The Republic of Belarus is in the top-5 European countries with the largest number of cases of coronavirus during 2 weeks, reports

The last 14 days have shown that the number of people infected with coronavirus is growing in Belarus. Together with Belarus, the United Kingdom, Russia, Turkey and Italy were in the top-5 list.

Despite the fact that Belarus reached a so-called plateau, the number of infected remains about 900-1000 people per day.

In general, in the European region, more than 2 million people are infected with coronavirus per population of 900 million people, and more than 175 thousand people have died. Nowadays, in Europe there is 50% of all coronavirus deaths in the world.

Usually, the lethal outcome of the disease is connected with the presence of another disease in the patient, most often the patient's condition worsens significantly due to cardiovascular diseases.

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