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Belarus in the Global Skills Index

The online educational project Coursera conducted a study among countries and compiled the Global Skills Index. What positions did Belarus take in this list, reports

In order to prepare the ranking, the Coursera team studied the results of 65 million students of the online platform from 60 countries. The ranking displays statistics from the areas of business, technology and data science.

In the ranking of "Technical skills" Belarus took the second place, right after Russia. Switzerland, Ukraine and Finland are also in the top five. The last place was taken by Nigeria.

In the “Business Skills” rating, Belarus is in 32nd place, while Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Finland and the United Arab Emirates are in the top five. Mexico is in last place.

In the rating "Data Science" Belarusians occupy the 8th place, after Germany. The first positions were taken by Russia, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium and Finland, and the last - by Nigeria.

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