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Belarus is in the top 5 countries with the cheapest Internet

Research conducted by the analytical British resource, named the countries with the cheapest and most expensive fixed Internet. Belarus was among the leading countries — the Internet is relatively inexpensive, reports

Belarus took the fifth place in the ranking — the study was conducted in 206 countries. It turned out that the average connection speed is 13.2 megabits per second, and the average monthly fee is 9.87 dollars.

The fourth place is occupied by Romania (21.8 megabits, 8.15 dollars), the third-Russia (14.9 megabits, 7.35 dollars), the second-Ukraine (7.7 megabits, 6.64 dollars), the first — Syria. However, there is a network connection speed of 0.9 megabits per second with an average cost of 6.60 dollars.