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"Belarus is not Belarusia!" A monument to the Belarusian ego appeared in Minsk

A tiny sculpture that symbolizes the Belarusian ego has appeared in Minsk. The smallest pedestal in the city explains: "Belarus is not Belarusia!", reports. 

A group of Minsk residents presented the city with a new landmark. This is a monument to the Belarusian ego. It will officially open on December 20.

The sculpture was placed on the wall Zybitskaya, 6, next to the bar " at the bottom." It is not inside the bar — so anyone can look at it without entering the bar.

The height of the sculpture is 15 centimeters. It was equipped with a magnifying glass — so you can see small details. For example, Leeds sneakers on the feet of a Belarusian and beard hairs.

In addition to the magnifier, there is a backlight, as well as CCTV cameras to save work from vandals.

The idea to put an unusual sculpture, which will be a new attraction, came from the owners of the bar on the party street Zybitskaya Eugene Metelitsa and Denis Antsevicius. 

The work took half a kilogram of bronze and two weeks of labor Stanislav Nikonovich.