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оплата проезда

Belarus is the first in the world to launch payment for travel by cards without a validator

BPS-Sberbank launched the world's first contactless fare payment system that does not require validators. The function of terminals is performed by ordinary telephones of the driver and conductor. In order to calculate, you just need to bring the card to your smartphone.

The technology is unique in that it does not require special equipment. The tapXphone application developed by IBA Group on the basis of Visa Tap to Phone technology turns a smartphone into a payment terminal. You can pay for travel with a contactless card, phone, smart watch, fitness bracelet or other device with NFC module support.

The mechanics of payment are similar to settlements at the checkout of a store: one touch with a card or other device with NFC is enough to complete an operation. You do not need to download the application. The operation takes a split second, after which the indicators on the conductor's smartphone light up and a confirmation appears. If you wish, you can take a picture of it, read it through a QR code or ask to send it to a phone number.

BPS-Sberbank says: “The technology has become a breakthrough in the field of passenger transportation and allows you to cover any Belarusian city with contactless payments. First of all, it is truly convenient for the passenger, since it does not involve tedious actions - just touching with a bank card is enough. The carriers also benefit as there is no need to install additional equipment".

While you can pay with contactless Visa cards of any bank in the world. The fare is the same as a paper ticket. The debiting occurs immediately, if there is no money on the account, it is impossible to pay for the fare.

Borisov became the first city in the world to introduce this revolutionary technology. The buses of the regional center on all city routes switched to contactless payment. All data is streamed in real time into transport preprocessing.

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