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Belarus receives about 18% of all exports of Russian medicines.

Belarus tops the list of the main recipient countries of Russian drug exports in 2019. Shipments of Russian medicines to our country since the beginning of this year in monetary terms amounted to 5.9 billion Russian rubles, which is about 18% of the total export of medicines from Russia. At the same time, shipments to Belarus show a fairly high dynamics, reports

The second line of the Russian export rating of medicines falls on Ukraine. 16.3% of total exports go there.

The highest dynamics in the Russian top this year was characterized by Nigeria, for the year the monetary volume of shipments of drugs from Russia to this country increased by 5.5 times. 

According to RNC Pharma, from January to September 2019, the total volume of export deliveries of medicines from Russia amounted to 32.5 billion Russian rubles (in prices including customs duties).

The supply of medicines from Russia to the EAEU countries accounts for 12.6 billion rubles (in prices including customs duties), which is about 38.6% of the total volume of Russian exports.