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Belarus remains Russia's main debtor

Belarus remains the Russia's largest debtor, Sputnik reported. The debt is about 8.2 billion US dollars.

According to the World Bank, Belarus became the main borrower of funds in 2021. At that time, Minsk's debt to Moscow amounted to $ 8.5 billion. In 2022, this amount decreased to 8.2 billion dollars.

Bangladesh is in second place in the list of Russia's largest debtors ($5.9 billion). India is the third with $3.8 billion of debt.

In December of this year, the President of Russia approved an agreement between the governments of Russia and Belarus, providing for the postponement of payments to repay the principal debt on loans for 2029.

Let us remind you that the growth rate of the Belarusian economy will increase in 2024.

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