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Belarus showed one of the lowest mortality rates from coronavirus

At the moment, Belarus shows a mortality rate of COVID-10 - 0.56%, reports This is one of the lowest rates.

The World Health Organization is calculating the results of the spread of coronavirus in countries. And Belarus shows one of the lowest rates in the whole world. A positive result for the state is considered a mortality rate of less than 1%. In comparison, in most European countries there is a mortality rate of about 16%.

Nowadays, 51 816 cases of COVID-19 infection have been detected in Belarus and 293 patients have died. However, it is too early to draw conclusions about the epidemiological situation in the country, since the pandemic has not yet ended. In addition, in countries, the criteria for calculating the level of deaths from coronavirus are different.

Nevertheless, WHO is thinking about analyzing the successful experience of Belarus for its application in other countries.

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