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Belarus topped the Coursera rating

The online educational platform Coursera has published the Global Skills Report 2021 report. It evaluates the competence of more than 77 million students of the platform from 108 countries in three categories: Business, Technology and Data Science, reports.

In the Technology category, Belarus took the 1st place among 35 countries in Europe. In the world ranking in the Technology category, Belarus became the 2nd, Japan took the first place.

In the global ranking, which takes into account the results in all three categories, Belarus is on the 12th place in the world and on the 10th in Europe.

There are more than 77 million users on the Coursera platform, including 6,000 organizations (government organizations, companies and non-profit organizations), and more than 5,000 courses from the world's leading universities and industry partners providing educational content. This makes Coursera one of the largest data sources for identifying and analyzing trends in the field of competencies.

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