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Belarus will increase the production of masks up to 2 million per day

The Deputy Prime Minister Igor Petrishenko in an interview with “Belarus 1” TV channel said that the government is planning to increase the production of masks up to 2 million per day, reports

Even at the beginning of coronavirus in Belarus, many factories, in particular Bellegprom production resources, reprofiled to create protective masks. Today the country produces 450-500 thousand masks per day, and in the near future, this amount will be increased up to 2 million.

In addition to the production of masks, protective clothing, glasses and gloves were also launched in Belarus.

The Deputy Prime Minister noted that Belarus has already set up special bases and laboratories for diagnosing COVID-19. The country has already mastered the production of tests to identify patients with coronavirus, and doctors have the necessary supply.

As soon as possible, according to the Deputy Prime Minister, Belarus will also develop special motivation for doctors who work in direct contact with patients with COVID-19.

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