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Belarus will start building 28 complexes for sorting and processing of secondary resources this year

Belarus will start construction of 28 complexes for sorting and processing of secondary material resources this year, reports

The appearance of such complexes is stimulated by the decree signed by the head of state in January. One of the blocks of this document concerns enterprises. Those who compost, recycle or burn RDF fuel (it is obtained from waste) are entitled to compensation. The second is preferences for business. Incentives are provided in the form of compensation for the difference between the cost of environmental and polymer packaging. However, to do this, eco-packaging must be produced on the territory of Belarus using recycled materials. The decree will take effect in July.

In 2020, it is planned to recycle and use a quarter of municipal waste. In world practice, there are several methods in this regard. These include the extraction of secondary material resources, the separation of organic matter and its use as compost, and the energy use of waste. This year the first production of RDF-fuel from municipal waste for further combustion at a cement plant will be launched in the Grodno region.