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Белорусские художники

Belarusian artists are against COVID-19: charity auction

Since the 15th of April, Belarusian artists have launched a charity auction to help doctors who work with people infected with coronavirus, reports Everyone can take part in auction on the "Kufar" website.

About 100 unique lots from famous Belarusian artists, such as Maxim Borodich, Ruslan Vashkevich, Ilona Kosobuko, Oleg Ladisov, Pavel Tatarnikov, Sergey Mikhalenko and others, were put up for auction.

The starting cost of the pictures will vary from 10 to 5000 Belarusian rubles.

The proceeds will be used for the needs of doctors who work with people infected with coronavirus. In particular, the artists will buy personal protective equipment, disinfectants, medical equipment, etc.

The organizers of the charity auction - Ruslan Vashkevich and Alina Savchenko.

The auction will begin on the 15th of April at 10.00 and last until the 22nd of April at 10.00.

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