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Belarusian children's heart surgeons performed four complex heart surgeries

Four of Ross's most complex surgeries were performed on February 7 and 8 at the RSPC of pediatric surgery, reports

According to the Director of the center, Konstantin Drozdovsky, children with the most complex organ pathologies that require Ross surgery were invited. The interventions were carried out with the direct participation of one of the world's most famous and experienced cardiac surgeons, Professor Afxendios Kalangos, President of the Kalangos Foundation (Switzerland).

"Today, this is a rare operation for our country. That's why we invited a Professor to train our employees. We need to raise the level of surgery for this defect, " Konstantin Drozdovsky said, adding that such malformations are found annually in several Belarusian children.

Operations consisted of several parts, doctors had to stop the heart of each baby. In total, a team of 15 specialists takes part in such interventions. Success largely depends on how anesthesia, artificial blood circulation, and nursing in the intensive care unit will be performed.