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Belarusian fashion brand MUA started production of protective masks

The fashion industry was one of the first to join the global fight against coronavirus. Fashion brands around the world are involved in charity and the production of personal protective equipment (such as masks and costumes). How Belarusian fashion companies help to go through the pandemic, reports

One of the first measures in Belarus in response to the spread of coronavirus affected Belarusian state company Bellegprom. Part of the company’s factories was adopted for the production of protective masks. But from now on even private business does not stand aside.

Belarusian womenswear brand MUA organized the production of reusable protective masks. Each customer who has ordered an online delivery will receive a mask as a gift. The representatives of the brand pay attention to the fact that everyone should wear masks with no exceptions. Since the incubation period of coronavirus is 14 days, the coronavirus carrier may not even know that he is already infected.

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