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Belarusian IT companies move to other countries

Due to the interruptions in the Internet in the last month, many IT companies are considering relocation options. According to a survey on LinkedIn, almost 200 companies are going to move, reports.

197 companies announced that they have already started looking for relocation opportunities. 14 companies have already transferred all employees to another country, and 94 companies are transferring some of their employees to another location. The number of companies that chose to stay in Belarus is still being calculated. In total, 1,527 people took part in the survey: employees of companies located in Belarus, as well as freelancers (their votes were not taken into account when summing up the survey results).

The reasons for the relocation of a large number of IT companies were the current political situation in Belarus. Regular searches of IT companies and disruptions to communications and the Internet have affected the work of the companies.

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