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Belarusian phone call translator became the product of the day on Producthunt

The Phone Call Translator app, created by the Belarusian company Lingvanex, became the product of the day on Producthunt, reports

Phone Call Translator is a real-time phone call translator. The app uses speech recognition technology, neural network translation, speech synthesis, and VoIP telephony. When you call both the sun and the caller will automatically hear the translation. The original speech and translation are displayed on the phone screen to control how well the speech is recognized and translated.

The translator is available for iPhone and Android devices. According to the Belarusian developers, the app currently competes with the translator in Skype. For example, Skype supports only 11 languages, and Phone Call Translator supports 30 languages. Lingvanex also supports translation for both the caller and the subscriber (Skype-only subscriber).